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  • Saturday, 25 May 2024

"MP Alex Mattia Rogers Empowers Women Farmers Through Cassava Processing Machines Distribution"

Honorable Alex Mattia Rogers, Member of Parliament for Pujehun District and the District’s Caucus Leader in parliament, recently spearheaded an initiative aimed at empowering women in agriculture. On April 13, 2024, he oversaw the distribution of eight Cassava Processing Machines to the Kpanga Krim Chiefdom.


The event, which took place at Gobaru Court Barry, drew the participation of local leaders, representatives, and stakeholders. Rogers stressed the significance of supporting women farmers as a means of enhancing food security and alleviating poverty in the region. The provision of these processing machines is expected to boost productivity, minimize post-harvest losses, and generate economic opportunities for women within the community.


This initiative is in alignment with the government’s overarching goal of promoting self-sufficiency in food production and diminishing dependence on imports. By equipping women farmers with the necessary tools and resources, they are poised to not only thrive but also contribute significantly to the economic development of the region.


Such efforts underscore the commitment of both governmental and community leaders to address key socio-economic challenges and empower marginalized groups, particularly women, within Sierra Leone’s agricultural sector.


As Sierra Leone continues to strive for progress and sustainable development, initiatives like these serve as crucial stepping stones towards fostering inclusive growth and prosperity for all citizens.

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