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  • Saturday, 25 May 2024
Pentecostal Fellowship of Sierra Leone Pays a Respectful Visit to President Bio

Pentecostal Fellowship of Sierra Leone Pays a Respectful Visit to President Bio

President Julius Maada Bio warmly received the leadership and members of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Sierra Leone (PFSL) at the State House in Freetown. Led by PFSL President Bishop Akintayo Sam Jolly, the delegation engaged in discussions that underscored the pivotal role of the Pentecostal Fellowship in the spiritual, social, and moral fabric of Sierra Leone.


Expressing gratitude for the visit on Twitter, President Bio highlighted the significant contributions of Pentecostal Christianity to the nation's development. The meeting focused on collaborative opportunities aimed at enhancing the welfare of Sierra Leoneans and expanding the outreach and impact of the Pentecostal Fellowship.


However, amidst the exchange of pleasantries, concerns were raised regarding the well-being and harmonious coexistence of Pentecostal Churches in Sierra Leone. Bishop Akintayo Sam Jolly voiced apprehensions during a press conference held at the Living Word of Faith Outreach Ministry International in Freetown. He expressed concerns over escalating tensions and alleged disenfranchisement of churches and ministers, citing instances of injustice in police reports and dissatisfaction with the judicial process.


These concerns shed light on the persistent challenges faced by the Pentecostal community, necessitating attention and resolution from both governmental and non-governmental entities.


As discussions continue on how best to address these challenges, the Pentecostal Fellowship of Sierra Leone remains committed to its mission of promoting peace, moral values, and national unity. Collaborative efforts between the government and religious institutions are essential for fostering an environment where all citizens can thrive spiritually, socially, and economically.

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